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What is consolidated cargo?

Transportation of groupage cargo is the process of delivering goods that are assembled from several small shipments from different senders, but have the same delivery direction and recipient. Such cargo can be delivered in one container or on one vehicle, which reduces delivery time and cost compared to individual shipments.

Transportation of groupage cargo can be carried out by various modes of transport, such as sea, air, rail and road transport. Typically, consolidated cargo is collected at terminals or warehouses, where it is combined into one container or vehicle and then transported to its destination.

Advantages of groupage freight transportation

One of the main advantages of transporting consolidated cargo is saving time and money. By combining several small cargoes into one, the number of transportations is reduced and, accordingly, the time and cost of delivery are reduced. In addition, transportation of consolidated cargo can be more flexible and adaptive, as it allows you to quickly respond to changes in the volume and direction of cargo.

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Features of transportation of groupage cargo

Transportation of groupage cargo has its own characteristics that must be taken into account for the successful organization and conduct of the transportation process. Some of the main features of groupage cargo transportation include:

Diversity of cargo types: Consolidated cargo can include different types of goods that require varying degrees of care and protection during transport. This may require the use of special packaging materials and techniques to ensure the safety of the cargo.

Customs restrictions: Transportation of groupage cargo may be subject to customs restrictions, which may slow down or stop the transportation process. Cargo may be detained at customs or additional documents and permits may be required to transport it.

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Improper logistics planning can lead to problems along the entire cargo delivery route, including discrepancies between departure and arrival locations, additional costs for repacking cargo in the warehouse, and other situations.

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Our company has extensive experience in solving all sorts of problems that sometimes arise in the transportation of consolidated cargo. For example:

Thinking ahead

To solve these problems, it is recommended to use the professional services of our logistics company. We have sufficient experience and knowledge to effectively organize and carry out transportation of groupage cargo. In addition, it is necessary to carefully package and protect cargo during transport, select appropriate vehicles and carefully plan the delivery route and schedule to minimize risks and ensure timely delivery of cargo. It is also recommended to provide sufficient information about the cargo and choose reliable carriers who have the necessary license and experience to transport groupage cargo.

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Port and terminal forwarding are important elements of the logistics chain when transporting goods by sea.

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We can provide air transportation services to deliver your cargo anywhere in the world if prompt delivery is required.

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