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What is project transportation

Project cargo transportation is a special type of transportation associated with the delivery of goods that require special conditions or transportation procedures. Such cargo can be large, heavy, have a non-standard shape, require special handling or packaging, and also have special requirements for transportation conditions (for example, certain temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, etc.).

Project shipping typically requires more careful organization and planning than conventional shipping. This is because such cargo requires more complex logistics and coordination between various parties such as shippers, carriers, customs and recipients. In addition, project cargo transportation may require the use of specialized vehicles, equipment and personnel to ensure the safety and proper handling of cargo.

Advantages of project transportation

  1. Individual approach: Project cargo transportation provides an individual approach to each cargo, which allows you to take into account its characteristics and requirements and choose the most effective and safe method of transportation.

  2. Security: Project cargo transportation ensures a high level of cargo safety during transportation. This is achieved through the use of specialized vehicles, equipment and personnel, as well as careful planning and coordination of all stages of transport.

  3. Flexibility: Project cargo transportation provides a flexible approach to the transportation of goods, which allows you to change transportation conditions in accordance with changing requirements and circumstances.

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Features of project cargo transportation

An important aspect of project cargo transportation is careful analysis and planning of the route and transportation conditions. This may include assessing vehicle requirements, choosing the optimal route, organizing customs clearance and handling cargo at warehouses and terminals.

Project cargo transportation may include the delivery of construction equipment, transportation of large machinery and equipment, transportation of oversized cargo, transportation of dangerous and fragile cargo, and other types of special cargo. In project cargo transportation, an important aspect is an individual approach to each cargo and the creation of the most efficient and safe transportation scheme.

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Improper logistics planning can lead to problems along the entire cargo delivery route, including discrepancies between departure and arrival locations, additional costs for repacking cargo in the warehouse, and other situations.

This and many other problems are easily solved thanks to our highly qualified employees.

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Our company has extensive experience in solving all sorts of problems that sometimes arise in project transportation. For example:

Thinking ahead

Project freight can be more costly than conventional freight due to the need for specialized equipment, personnel and services. They can also be riskier due to potential issues related to cargo security and compliance with special requirements. Therefore, project cargo transportation requires a professional approach and the use of specialized logistics services.

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We will select the necessary warehouse for you in the Russian Federation, Belarus, the Baltic states, as well as the countries of Europe and Asia.

Customs clearance

Our team of customs experts provides advice on customs clearance issues. They can help with any issue related to customs processing.

Cargo tracking

We provide the ability to track cargo at every stage of transportation. This allows you to receive updates on the status of your cargo and be confident that it is safe.

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