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Cargo delivery by air is rightfully considered the fastest way to transport your goods anywhere in the world.

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What is air transportation

Air cargo transportation is the delivery of cargo by air between different points of the world.

Most often used for transporting large-sized cargo, such as machinery, equipment and much more.

Our company delivers thanks to an extensive and well-established agent network and direct contracts with airlines around the world. You can find out more about the cost of services from the company’s specialists by sending us a request. For dangerous, bulky, heavy, oversized and other similar cargo, the price is calculated with an additional surcharge.

Advantages of air transportation:

Efficiency and speed

Air transport is the fastest way to deliver goods.

High level of security 

The process of transporting goods by air is controlled and ensures a high level of cargo safety.

Reliability and guarantees

International air cargo transportation includes cargo insurance, which is an additional level of ensuring the fulfillment of contractual obligations.

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Features of air transportation

Для проведения авиаперевозок грузов необходимо точно знать габариты и вес груза. Информация об этом используется для расчёта стоимости перевозки и определения места на борту самолета.

Авиаперевозки грузов требуют использования специальных транспортных средств, таких как контейнеры, паллеты, лебедки и т.д.. Европейская Система Контроля Трафика воздушных судов (Eurocontrol) гарантирует максимальную точность подъема и посадки авиа контейнеров.

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Improper logistics planning can lead to problems along the entire cargo delivery route, including discrepancies between departure and arrival locations, additional costs for repacking cargo in the warehouse, and other situations.

This and many other problems are easily solved thanks to our highly qualified employees.

Always in touch

Our company has extensive experience in solving all sorts of problems that sometimes arise in air transportation. For example:

Thinking ahead

We always calculate and think through air transportation in such a way as to deliver your cargo quickly and without problems. At the same time, we adhere to simple rules:

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Transportation of consolidated cargo

Consolidated cargo is a batch of small-sized cargo transported by one vehicle in a given direction for different customers. This type of transportation is cheaper for small-sized cargo than by separate vehicles.

Container Shipping

Container transportation is a modern type of cargo delivery, in which containers and reusable containers are used for transportation, which allows you to ensure the safety of goods and quickly change the type of transport at transshipment points.

Project transportation

Project transportation is a complex of transport and logistics services that allows you to deliver a large object (plant, factory, production line) and ensure simultaneous clearance of all vehicles transporting components of the object through customs in the country of arrival.

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