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We greet you! We are ready to help you with organizing logistics schemes for cargo delivery. Chartering vessels. Transportation of dangerous goods. High-quality and fast clearance of internal customs transit. Insurance and customs clearance of cargo. And also answer any questions about the logistics of your cargo.

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It is important for us that our Clients receive high quality services at competitive prices. Our pricing depends on the type of cargo, remoteness of the destination and other factors. We are ready to provide an individual approach to each client.

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Transportation of consolidated cargo

Consolidated cargo is a batch of small-sized cargo transported by one vehicle in a given direction for different customers. This type of transportation is cheaper for small-sized cargo than by separate vehicles.

Container Shipping

Container transportation is a modern type of cargo delivery, in which containers and reusable containers are used for transportation, which allows you to ensure the safety of goods and quickly change the type of transport at transshipment points.

Project transportation

Project transportation is a complex of transport and logistics services that allows you to deliver a large object (plant, factory, production line) and ensure simultaneous clearance of all vehicles transporting components of the object through customs in the country of arrival.

Port and terminal forwarding

Port and terminal forwarding are important elements of the logistics chain when transporting goods by sea.

Air transportation

We can provide air transportation services to deliver your cargo anywhere in the world if prompt delivery is required.

Road transportation

We provide road transportation throughout Russia using our internal and external resources.

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