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International cargo transportation is increasing every year, which means that cargo recipients constantly need to deal with paperwork to pass control at customs

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What is customs clearance?

Customs clearance of goods is a procedure that includes preparing the necessary documents and passing customs control when crossing the border or moving goods through the customs territory. Customs clearance is required for all goods that are transported across borders or moved through customs territory, including exports, imports, transit and other types of international trade.

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Customs clearance can be a complex and demanding process that requires specific knowledge and experience in the field of customs regulation. To avoid delays and problems during customs clearance of goods, clients can contact our managers who have experience in this area and can provide assistance in preparing the necessary documents, paying customs duties and carrying out customs control.

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Features of customs clearance

Customs clearance of goods has its own characteristics and depends on many factors, such as the type of cargo, country of origin, country of destination, customs regulations and other transportation conditions. Some features of customs clearance of goods include:

  1. Providing accurate and complete information about the cargo.

  2. Various types of customs duties.

  3. Compliance of the cargo with customs security standards.

  4. Various types of customs procedures.

  5. The need to undergo additional procedures.

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Customs clearance of goods is an important procedure in international trade and requires care and professionalism. To successfully complete customs clearance of cargo, clients can contact us, because we have experience in this area and can provide the necessary assistance in preparing documents, paying customs duties and passing customs control.

We are ready to help you pass customs control, regardless of the volume and nature of the cargo, as well as the vehicles used.

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Our company has extensive experience in solving all sorts of problems that sometimes arise during customs clearance. For example:

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We always calculate and think through customs clearance so as to deliver your cargo quickly and without problems.

In general, customs clearance of goods is a complex and responsible process that requires care and professionalism. 

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Transportation of consolidated cargo

Consolidated cargo is a batch of small-sized cargo transported by one vehicle in a given direction for different customers. This type of transportation is cheaper for small-sized cargo than by separate vehicles.

Container Shipping

Container transportation is a modern type of cargo delivery, in which containers and reusable containers are used for transportation, which allows you to ensure the safety of goods and quickly change the type of transport at transshipment points.

Project transportation

Project transportation is a complex of transport and logistics services that allows you to deliver a large object (plant, factory, production line) and ensure simultaneous clearance of all vehicles transporting components of the object through customs in the country of arrival.

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