Port and terminal forwarding

International cargo transportation involves solving many necessary formalities and carrying out various types of operations, especially at transshipment points in ports and terminals.

Terminal and port forwarding includes many processes and operations that require high professional qualifications and organization.

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What is port forwarding

Port forwarding is the process of cargo handling that occurs in the port before and after loading it onto a ship. This includes the unloading and loading of cargo, their temporary storage, document processing, customs procedures, cargo insurance and other processes related to the maintenance of ships.

The extensive experience of our company’s specialists in transport forwarding allows us to ensure fast and high-quality processing of your cargo and competent execution of accompanying transport documentation.

We offer a full range of forwarding services in the seaports of the Far East at Railway terminals, as well as at transshipment points around the world.

What is terminal forwarding

Terminal forwarding is a cargo handling process that takes place in container shipping terminals. This includes the unloading and loading of containers, their temporary storage, cargo sorting and processing, document processing, insurance and other processes related to container servicing.

Container shipping terminals are key elements of the logistics chain and are usually located near ports, railway stations and highways. They provide transshipment of goods between different modes of transport and provide temporary storage of goods until they are ready to be sent to the next stage of transportation.

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Features of port and terminal forwarding

Port and terminal forwarding have their own characteristics, which are determined by the specifics of maritime transport and the characteristics of port and terminal infrastructures.

In general, port and terminal forwarding requires high professional qualifications and organization to ensure efficient and safe transportation of goods by sea. Specializing in port and terminal forwarding, our company provides a wide range of services to help clients cope with these complex and intensive processes.

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Port and terminal forwarding require a high degree of organization and coordination between the various participants in the supply chain.

This and many other problems are easily solved thanks to our highly qualified employees.

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Our company has extensive experience in solving all sorts of problems that sometimes arise in port forwarding. For example:

Thinking ahead

We always calculate and think through port forwarding in such a way as to deliver your cargo quickly and without problems.

It is important to note that port and terminal forwarding are key elements of international trade, especially in the case of container transport of goods. Properly organized port and terminal forwarding can reduce transportation costs, reduce cargo delivery time and guarantee the safety and security of cargo during transportation.

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Transportation of consolidated cargo

Consolidated cargo is a batch of small-sized cargo transported by one vehicle in a given direction for different customers. This type of transportation is cheaper for small-sized cargo than by separate vehicles.

Container Shipping

Container transportation is a modern type of cargo delivery, in which containers and reusable containers are used for transportation, which allows you to ensure the safety of goods and quickly change the type of transport at transshipment points.

Project transportation

Project transportation is a complex of transport and logistics services that allows you to deliver a large object (plant, factory, production line) and ensure simultaneous clearance of all vehicles transporting components of the object through customs in the country of arrival.

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