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  • В ходе отправки Вашего груза из Китая мы оказываем максимально полный комплекс сопутствующих услуг. Так, наш представитель в Шанхае осуществит тотальный контроль погрузки, при необходимости уточнит и решит все ее детали с грузоотправителем, позаботится о любых нюансах, которые гипотетически смогут возникнуть в процессе. Доставка из Шанхая произойдет быстрее, чем это возможно.  Порт Шанхая — один из самых загруженных китайских торговых портов, в связи с чем зачастую возникает острый дефицит грузовых мест на том или ином судне. Сотрудничая с нашей компанией, Вы можете об этом не беспокоиться вовсе. Мы своевременно и гарантированно осуществляем бронирование мест на транспортном судне, благодаря чему наши клиенты всегда получают свой груз вовремя — в оговоренный срок.
  • на протяжении нескольких лет успешно оказывает полный комплекс услуг по доставке грузов из Шанхая «от двери до двери» (включая полное экспортное и импортное таможенное оформление грузов и сертификацию импортируемых в Россию товаров). Обращайтесь — мы будем рады Вам помочь в решении самых сложных транспортных, логистических и таможенных вопросов!

Serves as a single multimodal transport operator


LLC  ALFA - TRANSIT  serves as a single multimodal transport operator, which makes it possible to plan the movement of goods and coordinate action at all stages of transport (transshipment) of goods and containers, including:

    - Dangerous goods;
    - Liquid bulk (oil and oil products);
    - Perishable goods;
    - Goods for special purposes;
    - Oversized and super heavy (height or width) loads;
    - Standardized products;
    - Large and non-standard sizes of a goods.Serves as a single multimodal transport operator
Transportation of containers, heavy and dangerous goods from China
- Transportation of containers and cargo from China (Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dalian and other); -- Transportation of dangerous goods and substances from China to Russia;
- Transportation of heavy cargo from China;
- The carriage of  Dangerous Goods on the territory of the Russian Federation;
- Port forwarding of containers and dangerous goods; 

                            We will be glad to see you among our regular customers!

Heavy and oversized cargo transportation. Freight shipping

•Our specialists in the charge of organization and implementation of maritime and multimodal
container transport;

•Selection and hiring an optimal type of container for the carriage of goods;
• Preparation for loading the required type of container for container transport;
• Monitoring for the traffic sent cargo throughout the transportation cycle;
• Inform the client about the location of cargo;

•Examination of goods at all terminals, ports of Vladivostok  and Vostochny port;
• Organization of Customs, medical and sanitary inspection, veterinary, phytosanitary, technical and quarantine inspection;
• The fulfillment of container weighing;
• Delivery of goods to the recipient's warehouse under  Customs transit.



Rail freight transportation. 

Railroad transportation of goods - one of the most convenient and reliable way to deliver large shipments, both on average and over long distances. At all stages of delivery Alfa Transit is responsible for the final result, which is particularly important when combined rail transport with other modes of transport.



Alfa Transit offers shipment by rail:
• Railroad transportation of goods in the freight wagons and containers of all types.
• Development of optimal schemes of cargo delivery.
• Full range of services for sending / receiving containers on railway stations.
• Monitoring of railway wagons and containers on the whole route with a regular customer awareness.
• Transportation of complex, small cargo and cargo requiring special conditions of transportation.
• Acceptance of any amount of cargo: from the one container or railway wagon , up to the route deliveries.

Railway cargo transportation requires mandatory registration and issue of a number of documents, the lead-up of which must be performed competently.


Railway cargo transportation requires mandatory registration and issue of a number of documents, the lead-up of which must be performed competently.


Our specialists
• Arrange and prepare all the necessary documents correctly and in time ;
• Are willing to give you  advice and find the necessary railway wagon for the definite type of cargo

International maritime transport of goods

Alfa-Transit provides a full range of services for international container shipping, including the chartering of vessels, the development of optimal routing and traffic monitoring. Sea transportation is inexpensive kind of transportation, but the most difficult for the organization.


Our services in international maritime transport of goods:
• Container international shipping and transportation of outsize cargo with special Flat Rack and Open Top containers.
• Sea Freight.
• Transportation of outsize cargo.
• Coordination of transportation plan for the project and its protection in the CCTS Railway Ministry.
• Stevedoring, releases, ensuring the return of empty containers.
• Development of optimal routes of transportation of cargoes of the Customer through the ports of Russia and the definition of the transportation cost.


Railway cargo transportation requires mandatory registration and issue of a number of documents, the lead-up of which must be performed competently.International maritime transport of goods by sea, based on the principle a "door to door", which allows our customers, fully rely on us in the solution of all issues related to the transportation of cargo.

Short time and shipping costs, high safety in international maritime transport of cargo (containers and oversized cargo, special equipment, dangerous goods) - achieved by our direct cooperation with leading Russian and foreign (international) companies engaged in maritime transport of goods, as well as many ports.

Cargo monitoring system
    Our monitoring system is always ready to provide you with information about the shipment date, its location, the timing of arrival at destination point.

International and domestic freight trucking
An important activity of Alfa-Transit - international and domestic road transport of goods using the most optimal logistic schemes that you choose yourself.
 Our company is responsible and give a guarantee on behalf of a logistics operator for the whole commodity distribution chain.

Services Trucking of cargo:
• Organization of both domestic and international traffic.
• Delivery of the city and the region "from door to door."
• Transportation of complex, oversized, modular (small) cargoes as well as cargoes requiring special conditions of transportation.
• Direct transport of goods by road.
• Fulfillment and arrange of all necessary documents, permits, etc.
• Custom services for the carriage of goods by road with the intersection of the borders of the Russian Federation. In accordance with Russian legislation any cargo crossing the customs border, must undergo customs clearance.

        We can offer you vehicles with carrying capacity of  from 3 to 40 tons and a volume of from 10 to 150 m3.

Road haulage of outsize heavy cargo
 Oversized transportation, which developed cargo fastening scheme, carried out the coordination of transportation with the traffic police and specialized road transport - low loader, and trawls.